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Thanks to its expertise in Oncology, Microbiology and Virology, Life & Soft can support you throughout your project, whether you’re an industrial, pharmaceutical or cosmetics company, as well as diagnostic or research laboratory

Pharmaceutical industry

Case 1 : Variant study in Human Genetics

Monitoring the effect of a new targeted treatment on patients with lung or blood tumors.

Variant LifePipe®

Case 2 : Microbiome study

Monitoring the effect of a new probiotic for people with digestive problems.

Microbiome LifePipe®

Case 3 : Virome study

Monitoring the emergence of new SARS Cov-2 variants.

Viro LifePipe®


Cosmetics industry

Case : Microbiome study

Monitoring the effect of a new product on skin microbiota tested on treated and untreated subjects.

Microbiome LifePipe®

Diagnostic laboratory

Case 1 : Study of variants in human genetics

Analysis of samples from sick patients to identify possible mutations involved in their illnesses.

Variant LifePipe®

Case 2 : Study of antibiotic resistance

Analysis of samples from patients with multiple antibiotic resistance to identify bacteria of interest and direct treatment.

Microbiome LifePipe®

Case 3 : Study of emerging viruses

Identification of new SARS-CoV 2 variants

Viro LifePipe®


Research laboratory

Case 1 : Oncology study

Analysis of samples from blood cancer patients to study a genetic mutation suspected of promoting the onset of the disease.

Variant LifePipe®

Case 2 : Microbiota study

Analysis of intestinal, skin or oral microbiota samples to study host-microbiota interactions.

Microbiome LifePipe®

Case 3 : Viral study

Study of a new emerging respiratory virus and its disruption in Europe.

Viro LifePipe®

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